pièce de résistance: set of 12 c. 1890 louis xvi dining chairs

19th century louis xvi dining chairs

To say we were amazed when we came across 12 (yes, TWELVE!!) Louis XVI-style dining room chairs is definitely an understatement! These beauties are undeniably a treasure, as it is most unusual to find such a large, intact group of chairs.

These chairs, circa 1890, have a beechwood frame and a horsehair stuffing. We chose to keep them in a deconstructed state so the buyer can choose an upholstery fabric which complements their décor. Although, we are quite biased to their current state so one can appreciate the quality of craftsmanship.

Due to the sheer number of the Louis XVI chairs, we believe these were in a chateau around a grand table, or perhaps in a ballroom. Could you even begin to imagine the dinners that were shared around that table? These chairs have comfy seats for the hours of edible-bliss that I'm sure existed at the chateau!

While we realize that not everyone has a chateau to have Downton Abbey style dinners, we are willing to sell these in subsets, even though its breaking up such a gorgeous family. We will have our tissues nearby to dry our eyes!