pièce de résistance: c. 1800s butcher's block

19th century french butcher block

We strive to search for useful & unique pieces that exude quality and we found that in this all-original, 19th century butcher's block. This solid piece came from a bastide in Lyon, France, where it had been in the same family for generations. It dates from around 1880 to 1900. 

The detail immediately caught our eye when we found this well-loved, beechwood butcher's block. The shape and finial drops stole our breath away! It is a great size, has a long slot for knives along the back and two very deep drawers that are exceptionally easy to open. The only change to this stunning piece was the removal of the original dark varnish, which in turn, revealed a beautiful natural beechwood. 

This butcher's block can make a gorgeous addition to a kitchen as a countertop or workspace. You can work on the original and intact block, or simply flip it over to make a flat work surface, no cutting board needed!