behind the scenes: HPMKT coming soon!

The Spring Market is just around the corner! 

We have moved a few stands down in the Antique & Design Center to 30a-b on the ground level. In this larger space, we will be unveiling our newest container shipment of beautiful French antiques. We are so excited to be able to offer discerning design clients an exciting first look and opportunity to secure special, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients that have never been shared publicly.

Around before opening day? Come hang out with us and get the earliest selections and to taste our latest lavender shortbread cookie concoction!

We can’t wait to see you!

À bientôt!

behind the scenes: HPMKT update

We're halfway through High Point Market. We've seen many beautiful things and our one-of-a-kind pieces have found some loving homes! We still have quite a few pieces looking for owners so stop on by booth G-24 in the Antique & Design Center at High Point Market and follow along on our instagram and facebook for updates of booth as it evolves and pieces we are featuring!

Here are some photos of our vignettes and different set-ups as the week has progressed!


behind the scenes: prepping for HPMKT pt. 2

Chandeliers hung, shelves decorated, and tablescapes completed! This past weekend, we escaped the deluge in Eastern NC and finished setting up in High Point. 

It's amazing how a space can be completely transformed with beautiful antiques and a little creativity. Check out our Prepping for HPMKT part 1 to see the space we started with! We fit almost our entire stock minus some larger tables and cases into our booth. The little left over is upstairs in our mezzanine space, so don't forget to stop by that as well!

We will be opening early on October 18th! Be sure to stop by and visit our booth, G-24--we can't wait to meet you! Be sure to check out our shop, make your wish list, and keep up to date with all louis & lavender happenings by following us on our Instagram + Facebook

behind the scenes: prepping for HPMKT!

As the weather has started to cool, we've started moving our inventory from little old Goldsboro warehouse to the renowned High Point Market! We are very excited to set up our space and make our debut at the this year's show.

Here are some behind the scenes photos, with good friends who helped us carefully move these huge antiques.

These gentlemen are some of the best! Thank y'all for helping us so much with these *light as a feather* furniture pieces!

Once we arrived at High Point, we had a ton to get started. We were excited to finally start placing cases, tables, and our larger antique furniture pieces. After months of planning on graph paper, it was nice to finally solve this puzzle in real life. 

We will be opening early on October 18th! Be sure to stop by and visit our booth, G-24--we can't wait to meet you! Be sure to check out our shop, make your wish list, and keep up to date with all louis & lavender happenings by following us on our Instagram + Facebook

pièce de résistance: doors

Ever since our first trip to Europe, our love affair with doors has continued to grow stronger and stronger. We stopped at every door in every village of Tuscany, much to my children's chagrin, to stare in awe of every. single. door. Perhaps it's the rich patinas and textures or the amazing, detailed hardware. Or, maybe it's imagining all the stories of the people who have once touched them, passed through them, or closed them over many eons of use. It is the stories after all, that draw us to antiques in the first place.

For us, antique and vintage doors are pieces of art, each with something different to offer. They ooze personality and are perfect compliments to our modern day décor. They bring beautiful textures, colors, and character to a space. 

With the current shabby décor trend, seeing beautiful vintage doors being transformed into tables, shelves, or desks breaks our hearts. There are plenty of ways to preserve the original state of antique and vintage doors and use them in their original state in our spaces. Here are some ways we like to use antique doors:

1. We like to use them as...well...doors! Many old doors are still usable + can be fitted into new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. A good carpenter can make almost anything work. Additionally, barn sliders are a great way to install antique doors in your house.

2. We love antique doors used as art. They are beautiful leaning or hanging on walls and add an interesting element to an interior. This is a great way to use a beautiful door that may not be in good enough working condition.

3. Vintage and antique doors can also be used as partitions in large space. It adds character and can help break up a large space without closing it off entirely.

Make sure to stop by our booth G-24 at High Point Market October 22-26 to see some of our doors that just arrived in our fall shipment! 


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pièce de résistance: chocolat d'aiguebelle counter

Earlier this year, while antique hunting in Paristhe louis & lavender team found this beautiful chocolate counter from around 1900. Intrigued by the sign, Chocolat d'Aiguebelle, we knew it was going to travel the pond back to North Carolina as we are avid chocolate lovers. 

Originally found in the South of France in a patisserie, this chocolate counter is still adorned in it's original paint and welcome into our collection. The patisserie it came from featured Chocolat d'Aiguebelle in its baked delicacies.

The Trappist Monks of Notre-Dame d'Aiguebelle, which is located in Southeastern France in the Rhône-Alpes region, created and ran a hugely successful chocolate business in 1868 to monetarily help themselves & the Catholic Church after the French Revolution. By the early 20th century, thanks to chromolithographies, or small color prints, and photographic advertising, they were able to advertise their Madagascan Chocolate across Europe and became one of the top ten chocolatiers in France. 

Chocolat d'Aiguebelle even went so far to create highly detailed dinosaur trading cards in the early 20th century, said to be some of the "highest quality chromolithographs" ever produced. Many other trading card sets were printed with subjects of royal families, famous world landmarks, and even butterflies as part of the advertising for their chocolate. To this day, Aiguebelle is still producing chocolate even though the company relocated to Casablanca, Morocco during World War II because of cocoa & sugar rations. 

The photos + illustration below are from Aiguebelle, an advertisement, and the different chocolates that were produced in this small abbey-village.

To see this piece of candy land history, visit our booth, G-24, at High Point Market from October 22-26.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 3.54.15 PM.png

headed to high point!

The louis & lavender shop is headed to High Point Market in October! Come visit us at Market Square at our booth, G-24.

In addition to our beautiful inventory, we will have some brand new pieces available! louis & lavender hand-selects high-quality antiques with the selective designer and customer in mind. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring some new + exciting antique items on our blog. Check out our shop and make your wish list before the market. 

Stop by, say hello, and treat yourself to a decadent lavender short bread cookie + infused water. We are so excited for October!

Follow along for behind the scenes on our instagram, blog, and pinterest.

joie de vivre no. 4

As purveyors of fine European goods, we learn quickly the value of small illustrations of life, or a visual vignette if you will. A well-planned, stylish vignette can give life to a room or piece of furniture. It showcases your personality and interests making your home yours. While some might think creating visual vignettes in your home is a daunting task, we believe that anyone can do it. 


Here is our go-to guide to creating visual vignettes:

  1. Start with a blank canvas.

    Find the area in your home you wish to highlight. Clear everything out of the way so you can start with a blank canvas. This gives you a fresh perspective for you to start creating your visual vignette.
  2. Create a theme.

    Decide what you want your vignette to be about. Some examples could be spring, gardening, mushrooms, mercury glass, etc. This allows you to display special collections you might have tucked back in a closet.
  3. Collect your items.

    Once you have your theme, pull together the items that define the theme or relate to the it. For example, maybe you have some decorative moss that would look good with your ceramic mushrooms. Make sure everything varies in texture, height, and size. Our favorite rule-of-thumb is that everything works better in odd numbers, so create groups of 3, 5, etc. Lastly, use similar colors or complimentary colors to have a consistent grouping.
  4. Assemble your vignette.

    Choose one piece to be the main attraction and start layering the remaining items around the it. Use rises such as books, wooden boxes, inverted drawers, and other flat items of varying heights to assist when you need more hieght. When you look at your finished vignette, you should be able to see everything.

Share your visual vignettes with us! We can't wait to show you our vignettes at High Point Market!


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