pièce de résistance: 18th c. virgin mary


Heavenly is one way to describe this glorious 18th century lindenwood Virgin Mary sculpture. The soft wood, large size, muted colors and graceful facial expression captured our attention immediately.

Placed ever-so-nimbly on an unusual octagonal base, this architectural Virgin has her authentic blue hue, reminiscent of the churches she would've originally been inside of. As seen on many depictions of the Virgin Mary, here she is is stepping on a snake, which is representative of her crushing sin as she has always been victorious over the devil. 

This lovely wooden sculpture could easily be the centerpiece of any table decor. Imagine her in the center of a round table around Christmas, adorned in live greens and surrounded by cream candles. However, this exquisite rendition of the Virgin Mary will be gorgeous in any decor, year-round.

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