pièce de résistance: doors

Ever since our first trip to Europe, our love affair with doors has continued to grow stronger and stronger. We stopped at every door in every village of Tuscany, much to my children's chagrin, to stare in awe of every. single. door. Perhaps it's the rich patinas and textures or the amazing, detailed hardware. Or, maybe it's imagining all the stories of the people who have once touched them, passed through them, or closed them over many eons of use. It is the stories after all, that draw us to antiques in the first place.

For us, antique and vintage doors are pieces of art, each with something different to offer. They ooze personality and are perfect compliments to our modern day décor. They bring beautiful textures, colors, and character to a space. 

With the current shabby décor trend, seeing beautiful vintage doors being transformed into tables, shelves, or desks breaks our hearts. There are plenty of ways to preserve the original state of antique and vintage doors and use them in their original state in our spaces. Here are some ways we like to use antique doors:

1. We like to use them as...well...doors! Many old doors are still usable + can be fitted into new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. A good carpenter can make almost anything work. Additionally, barn sliders are a great way to install antique doors in your house.

2. We love antique doors used as art. They are beautiful leaning or hanging on walls and add an interesting element to an interior. This is a great way to use a beautiful door that may not be in good enough working condition.

3. Vintage and antique doors can also be used as partitions in large space. It adds character and can help break up a large space without closing it off entirely.

Make sure to stop by our booth G-24 at High Point Market October 22-26 to see some of our doors that just arrived in our fall shipment! 


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