joie de vivre no. 3

Lavender season blesses us once a year in Provence. Rolling hills of rocks through Provence turn a fresh, saturated hue of pale purple. As pure light of the Luberon mountains shifts, the color waxes and wanes from bright purple to a pale blue as the lavender sways in the warm French breeze. While it is intoxicating to the senses, it is soothing and peaceful to the soul. 

Lavender is the essence of the South of France. It cures all ailments, is found in beautiful linens, and seeps into the simple food of the region. It is also found in some of our favorite memories of our travels to Provence. 


Lavender also inspires many French interiors. The aromatic plants makes its way into our homes as well as the muted hue. From French country to modern to being beautiful arranged on a table top, lavender will always be welcomed in our rooms. The versatile color yields peaceful, soothing, and beautiful escapes. 

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