joie de vivre no. 2

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Worn materials add warmth & history.
— Linda Lipsett, Country Living

Often, we are asked, "Why do you want to buy antiques?" "With so many new pieces of furniture & décor on the market, why fill your home with antiques instead of contemporary furnishings?"

Our answer is simple: the unexpected pairing adds unique style to a space. 

By pairing the intricate and ornate with the sleek and contemporary, you bring attention to the personalities of the different pieces creating warmth and comfort to something sterile and unwelcoming.

Blending antique furnishings, while old, can make your space appear timeless, well composed, and nothing like a furniture showroom. Antiques add another layer of texture, which are an essential part of making décor attractive and comfortable. 

Our admiration of the antique is not the admiration of the old, but the natural.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

With the many antique reproductions on the market today, you can add to the texture in a room, but nothing genuinely compares to the depth of the patina of a true antique. In addition to being eco-friendly (you're just recycling furniture + décor from days of old!) and having a value that appreciates over time, you are investing in a piece of furniture that will bring natural warmth and history to a room over a newer, mass-produced, distressed furniture. There is truly nothing that compares to a piece of furniture that has been caressed and well-used for a hundred or more years. 

Antiques express your own personality. They bring culture, history, and conversation into your home and are tangible links to our past; reminders of bygone generations and customs redefined for our current time.